Nijo Fish Market


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Nijo Fish Market

For those who just can't get enough of local markets, your first port of call must be the historical Nijo Ichiba Market, south of Nijo Street. Accommodating approximately sixty shops, the market sells fresh, local produce and cooked foods, as well as local souvenirs.


Sapporo provides a great number of stores, offering everything from fashion boutiques with well-known Western brands to traditional cotton or silk kimonos. Not only the city offers a number of large underground malls such as the popular Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade, but also department stores like Parco with ten floors of shopping—and don't forget the small local shops selling souvenirs. Other popular products in Hokkaido besides kimonos are wood carvings, produced often by the Ainus, available in the boutiques of Sapporo as well as in the gift shops of hotels and museums.